Official Flyer Cannes Fashion Days 2022

Official Flyer Cannes Fashion Days 2022
Here is the official flyer created for Cannes Fashion Days 2022. This year it will again be a challenge for everyone to face the various shooting scheduled. Fortunately, we have a reliable Backstage that manages the models in preparing for every single shoot.

I have to thank the various fashion magazines that grant us extensive editorial and even special editions (such as Photography.Exposed and Fashion Flair Magazine).

Ecco il volantino ufficiale creato per Cannes Fashion Days 2022. Quest’anno sarĂ  nuovamente una sfida per tutti per affrontare i vari shooting in programma. Fortunatamente abbiamo un Backstage affidabile che gestisce le modelle nel prepararsi per ogni singolo shooting.

Devo ringraziare le varie testate delle riviste di moda che ci concedono ampi redazionali e addiritture edizioni speciali (come per esempio le riviste Photography.Exposed e Fashion Flair Magazine).

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