Norberto Wittwer was born in 1961 in the Southern Part of Switzerland. After finishing his studies he moved for the first time to Zurich. In 1991 he returned to Ticino where he opened a photographic studio. Here he began his career as a Fashion Photographer.

Years later in 1997 Norberto Wittwer accepted the possibility of moving to Miami Beach where he could improve his dedication to fashion photography. After the first stay in Miami-Beach, a series of trips and projects realized in the context of beauty contests were added.

Five years of stay in the Caribbean and new contacts and projects have opened new horizons. In 2015 Norberto Wittwer returned to Switzerland and began in Milan to write a new chapter in his professional career startin a cooperation with important Brands.

Over the course of five years of presence in the Italian Market, Norberto Wittwer has organized over 50 events, fashion shows and photo sessions with models mainly in Milan. In recent years Norberto Wittwer has organized together with his team many fashion shows of considerable interest, exploiting the beauty of historic Italian locations such as Castello di Rezzanello, Palazzo Marino (Milan), or Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan). The next projects will be the relaunch of a fashion magazine and the realization of reality TV.

1991 – Cooperation with Italian Fashion Photographer FRANCO CONTI (Milan)
1995 – First Fashion Magazine RAGAZZA E FOTOGRAFIA
1997 – Cooperation with Italian Fashion Photographer PAOLO TOSI (Miami)
2001 – PhotoModels.Net Inc. Miami founded
– Finale Miss Italia nel Mondo Campione d’Italia (intervista sul palco)
2002 – First Event Miss Latina Europa
2002 – Cooperation with Miss Europa – Finale in Warszawa (Poland)
2004 – Festival Latinoamericando (Milan) Live Broadcast Dansa Argentina, Tenampa, Trio Mocotò, Tempo Rei, Charanga Habanera, Tango Mitos, Israel Cachao Lopez, Gabino Pampini, Cheo Feliciano, Pupy y Los Que Son Son, Jossie Esteban, Yuri Buenaventura, Raza Latina, Jimmy Bosch, Haila y Adalberto Alvarez, Omar Sosa Quintetto, Diana Miranda, Daniela Mercury, Balet Acaua, Cuco Valoy, Marcelo, Terra Samba, Tanja Libertad, Fernandito, Tito Nieves, NG La Banda, Cubanito 20.02, La Cinta, Cuban’s Grammy, Chico Cesar, Latin DJ All Stars, Oscar D’Leon, Frankie Morales, Negujinho da Beija Flor, Mambomania, I Re del Mambo, Gran Carnaval, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, La Kinky Beat, Oro Solido, Los Van Van, Samba Livre
2004 – Cooperation with Miss America Latina (Photo & Video – Punta Cana)
2004 – Promotour with Miss America Latina in Milan (Italy)
2006 – Promotour with Miss America Latina in Switzerland
2007 – Media Investment IPTV Television Ltd. (London) founded
2008 – Topmodel International Ltd. (London) founded
2009 – Miss Latina Worldwide Pageants Inc. (New York) founded
Promo Topmodel International
Finale Topmodel International in Cancun, Mexico
2010 – Miss Latina del Mundo now in 40 countries Worldwide
– Joined Facebook
2011 – Photoshootings + Videoproductions in Miami
– Celebrating 20 years of Experience
2012 – On Field Photo- and Video Workshop in the Dominican Republic
– Permanent Homebase
– Promoclip Miss Latina del Mundo
2013 – New Concept + Media Production for Events
2013 – Project Manager ad Interim (Emotions & More Inc.
2014 – Cooperation with Miguel Elkubanisimo, Setup Finale Miss Latina Europa
– special guest Shewska Verberne Aruba
– Cooperation with Horst Master Foundation
– Photoshooting Bikinis y nada mas
2015 – Photoshooting in Milan
– Joined LinkedIn
– Training Air to Air Pilatus PC7
2016 – Coronation Miss Latina del Mundo 2016 (Ana Gabriela Paez Acevedo, Aruba)
Photoshooting Miss Schweiz & Jaqueline Baker
2017 – Moda & Modelle sotto 1000 Stelle
(edizione estate), (chiusura serata), (edizione natalizia) (Veronica Rivalta) (Showreel)
– Coronation of Miss Latina del Mundo 2017 (Marie France Varhen)
– Photoshooting Cannes Festival Intl. Film / First Edition Cannes Fashion Days
2018 – Partnership with Gianni Graziano / Elihair Agency Milano
– Milano Fashion Week with Jaqueline Backer / Milan vs Turin
– Photoshooting Aruba
– Photoshooting Cannes Festival Intl. Film / 2nd edition Cannes Fashion Days
– Photoshooting Gianni Tolentino, Monte Varchi (brands)
– Aperitivo Natalizio with Gianni Tolentino, Corona Gioielli, Mr. Bulgari and Fontana
Contarini (con Melissa Bassetti e Walter Rotta)
2019 – Milano Fashion Week Sfilata Palazzo Marino, Milano
– 50 Shades of Fashion La Passerella dei Cinque Continenti
– Il Premio Europeo della Moda Cinecittà World Roma
– Photoshooting Cannes Festival Intl. Film / 3th edition Cannes Fashion Days
Aperitivo Natalizio Hotel Gallia Excelsior, Milano
2020 – Milano Fashion Week – La Passerella dei Cinque Continenti con Wass Milano, Kidraws, Tiziana Di Meo, Lissette Chavez, Rowena Belle, Ina Kleiderwahnsinn, Jyoti Das, Immaginative Fashion, Silvano Bulgari, Anna Salvigni, Catwalks and Shootings
– Photoshooting Cannes Festival Intl. Film / 4th edition Cannes Fashion Days
Intervista Starz ‘n’ TV
2021 – Milano Fashion Week
Geneva Fashion Event
– Photoshooting Cannes Festival Intl. Film / 5th edition Cannes Fashion Days
– Aperitivo Natalizio & Presentation Photography Exposed Fashion Magazine
Celebrating 30 years of Experience
– 100k Followers on Instagram
2022 – Photoshooting ex Villa Conte Cavour, Trino
– Cannes Fashion Days 2022 6th Season
– Venice Fashion Shooting (video 1, video 2, video 3)
Diversity Fashion Week Zurich as accredited Photographer
Red Bull Cliff Diving Sisikon as accredited Photographer
Zurich Film Festival as accredited Photographer
Miss Glamourfaces World as accredited Photographer

Next Events: Farewell Fashion Event, Milano (December 2022)

Norberto Wittwer, Fashion Photographer
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