My very last Event

You gotta leave the party while it’s still fun…

Saturday December 3rd I organize my very last event. The time has come to turn to new projects. Thirty years of retrospect is a long time. I was allowed to be present at many top-class events and I got to know interesting personalities.

I will devote myself to a new project together with my two business partners. I will no longer be active as an active organizer or photographer, but my work will take place in the background, and we will advise models, organizers, photographers, and fashion designers on various matters.

Well-known events such as Cannes Fashion Days and the Catwalk of the five Continents will continue to exist. Two international beauty and model competitions will be added.

So I’m organizing my last event on December 3rd. In addition to models, fashion designers, photographers and other important people, awards and other surprises follow

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